Our testimonies

My parents divorced when I was 2 years old.
My father remarried and converted through military colleagues who were already converted. I was about 6 years old and attended evangelical churches with my father and family.

Growing up, my father always told me and the daughter of my stepmother who was raised by him to pray for God to give us a Christian husband and this is what I did to obey my father and God with great sincerity and respect.

As a teenager my father sent me to the youth camp in Gap and there I understood that I had to give my life to the Lord, which I did, I took baptism at 17 ½. Then, shortly afterwards, I had the thought of joining a gym, where I met Michel, my future husband who was not a Christian at the time. We got to know each other and I spent hours talking to him about the Lord, so he came to the church of La Teste several times and finally his heart was touched, he was sincere. He got baptised and was immediately baptised in the Holy Spirit. The Lord had answered my prayer as a young teenager. We got married and it’s been 37 years!

The Lord has always assisted, surrounded, blessed and kept us despite all the trials we have faced. He has been trustful at all times. We have been at His Service up to this day. We have never lacked anything and our lives are in His Hands because only He knows what we need and He wants the best for each of us.

It is up to us to trust Him and speak to Him as a Father.


Orthodox father, Catholic mother.
Both believers and practitioners, I heard about Jesus at a very young age. I knew that He loved me and died for my sins. I had proof of His love when I was 3 years old: I fell on my head from a height of 3 metres. My cervical vertebrae were fractured in compression. I should have either died or been a paraplegic. The Lord kept me and I had no after-effects from this accident, except for a few centimetres less. On several other occasions He saved me from death.

 At the college, the chaplain made us study the New Testament and always told us “before making a decision, go to your room, pray, and ask Jesus to guide you. You will avoid many problems”. This is what I did. Jesus guided me in all my choices: studies, work, marriage, church… and I have never regretted it.

He knows better than us what we need and always gives us the best. I can never thank him enough.


I met the Lord at the age of 22.
Raised in the Catholic religion, I believed in the existence of God as someone from afar.

He revealed Himself to me through an ordeal. I had been dating a boy for two years and there was even talk of marriage between us; then overnight he left me, saying he didn’t love me anymore. For me, this boy was my happiness and everything fell apart. I became bulimic, making up for the lack of affection with food and from day to day I became more and more disgusted until one day I said to myself: life is not worth living and I tried to end my life.

I was hospitalised in a psychiatric institution and there, God was leading all things, I met a Christian woman who came to see her son who had been interned there too. As I had a leave of absence, she took me to an evangelical church on Boulevard Charonne in Paris where I was living at the time.

I should add that before my suicide attempt a Protestant Christian couple had given me a Bible. So I began to read it and it was the Gospel of John that revealed Jesus to me. I understood that I too was loved by God and a love from another dimension. I really felt surrounded and even overwhelmed by the love of Jesus. I stopped taking all the drugs that were making me feel numb and little by little I regained my equilibrium. God had filled the emptiness in my heart

A. N.

In October 2017, I was suffering from a serious dental abscess.

The dentist did not want to operate but rather treat it with antibiotics. The pain was very tenacious, but I still decided to go to the Thursday evening prayer meeting. That evening was a special time. The church prayed for me and back home I continued to pray with faith.

After a week of treatment the pain had subsided but it was still quite severe and I was coming to the end of my treatment. So I went back to my dentist. After examining me he asked me if I had gone to see another surgeon. Although I was surprised by his question, I told him no, I hadn’t seen another doctor since last week.
I could see that he found it hard to believe me and explained that he could see a scar on my gum from a scalpel operation. For him, there was no doubt that there had been an operation to remove the abscess, the proof was the presence of this scar!

He gave me an X-ray check-up which revealed that everything was in order there.

When I left he renewed my previous prescription for another week because of the residual pain but by the first day of the second antibiotic treatment I was pain free.
I understood that the scalpel wound that the dentist found was the Lord’s intervention to clear the infection I had. If I still had a little pain, it was so that I could go back to the dentist so that he could see that the abscess had healed.

Thank you to the Lord because He always answers our prayers according to His will which is always the best for us.

May the Glory return to Him.


How not to believe in Jesus?

He is the one who not only changes a life but also heals.

For my part, I was condemned by medicine from the moment I was born because of serious stomach problems. I didn’t keep anything, I suffered a lot. The doctor came to the house every day to follow the evolution and they would give me shots in my stomach.
The parents were young Christians at that time. They prayed with the believers in their church and the Lord answered them, I was completely healed. It was a beautiful healing and a beautiful experience for my parents, young in faith.

Because of my young age, I was not aware of what had happened. God had lifted me up but in response to my parents’ faith. It is this faith that they tried to communicate to me during my childhood. This planted the seed in me that would be necessary for the development of my own faith that was going to be tested.
At the age of 15, I began to feel ill. So we did some tests and the diagnosis was: Diabetes! I knew what this meant because I had people with diabetes in my close circle. I saw the diabetic comas and all the complications that come with the disease.  An intense fear took hold of me. Now it was up to me to have faith, but a personal faith, not that of my parents. In a fervent prayer I said to God, “You have already healed me, you can do it again”. And the Lord honoured this simple prayer. At the check-ups that followed, the doctors no longer understood anything: there was no trace of diabetes, and to this day there is no trace of it.

These divine healings led me to understand that I needed Jesus in my life and not only when the disease was there. At a youth camp I understood that the Lord had healed my heart but He also wanted to heal my soul. My heart was touched by the message of the cross and that day I accepted him as my saviour.


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